Pauly Zarb

PAULY ZARB has had a musical life since the age of 4. He has had a professional career in music for over 20 years. Originally from Australia, he has performed in many venues, festivals, theaters, concerts and schools and has toured extensively in Australia, America and now Europe. From the Tamworth Country music festivals in Australia, to the Kentucky Bourbon Festivals in USA to the Queens Jubilee in UK. After a 10 year stint in the USA Pauly now resides in Wokingham England.
Pauly is a multi-instrumentalist creating a one man band experience. His instruments include keyboards, guitar, kick drum, hi-hat, flute, pan pipes, tin whistles, accordion, harmonica, didgeridoo.  
Pauly also has had many years performing piano bars in Australia, USA, and on Cruise ships in Scandinavia.
Paulys music is spirited and uplifting and he is a dynamic performer with a lot of enthusiasm to life and the ongoing journey as a musician.