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Pauly Zarb
Pauly Zarb


For my wife and love Clarey Sophie McKissick/Zarb I wrote this song on Brampton Island where we were first dating in 2000. We have been married now for now 13 years. and we have both grown closer and stronger together and now have two beautiful girls, Chloe Bell Zarb and Ella Rose Zarb and a little boy Zavier Jack Zarb. Marriage strengthens you in life, and Clareys done that for me, we are two individual people who love life, appreciate and love people, and have alot of fun on the way. We are supportive of each others life directions, and always forgive eachother if things get a little heated ( and thats not easy when you think your right, but once you do forgive you have new ground to start again). If this is some of the ingredients that help make a good marriage stick together, then im truly blessed to have a girl like Clarey


V1 The first day that I layed my eyes on you. I new our love would always be true Your spirit lifts me it must be a sign I want to be around you Yeah I'd love to be around you. V2 I know that my life seems to be evrywhere Just think about the time weve come to shared Coming together it feels so right. Come share my life be with me Yeah I hope you'll want to be with me. Ch Your a guiding star Traveling through time I know you'll go far. Your loves so strong your world so big My love for you is everything Yeah Your love for me is everything. V2 Each day that we live theres a smile on my face. Love makes you closer loves and endless place Your heart is link to mine But thats Ok I need you each and everyday Yeah I want your love for me to stay. CH Middle Oh Yeah Take me by the Hand Oh so beautiful Girl I love our time. CH