Pauly Zarb

I'm a World

Pauly Zarb


I'm a World Copyright 2003 Singer/Songwritter Pauly Zarb V1 I want to be a world where I feel free I want the world to be my extasy I got to rid myself of this conflict that grows I want the peace inside to grow I want to share this love that flows I want to give because I've got to give Ch I'm a world, I'm a world World in me. V2 I want to go travel my own soul I want to see what I don't really see I want to look inside my heart and feel that beat that lifts my mind I remeber that it's only me And I love that person regardlessly Ch V3 You probrobly think it's all about me But wake up it's our society I want a world where we feel free To travel our own hemisphere Without the thought of powered destiny But to do this i've got to feel free Ch