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Ode to Steve

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Pauly Zarb
Pauly Zarb


Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter, passed away September of 2006. Being from Australia and living in America for the last 6 years I became a follower of the Irwin Family. I never new Steve or his family and I still do not, however I felt like I new Steve like all my mates in Australia, he had flare, personality, realism, strength, love for life and for his family. I found myself watching programme after programme of this great family who took the world conservation to a totaly new level, teaching kids and adults about animals and our planet earth. To be honest with you, if I still lived in Australia, I would never of seen how much this family achieved. I think alot of Australian people did not realise what a great impact he had in America. I am a better person having the opportunity to see how much he had effected everyone over here in the States, and it has given me more courage to go further with my music career. The time Steve passed away, I was heading down to Savanagh Georgia, for a vacation with my wifes family who are all from Engalnd. On the way down a friend emailed my about Steve, I never new him however I found myself in sorrow for his wife and children. Im a father to with two girls. I prayed for Steve and his family.On the same day I arrived on the beach hotel, as soon as I unpact everything I needed to go for a walk with my wife, I was sad. I missed Australia now more than ever, and I was praying to god all the time for Steves family. We walked down onto the jetty where everyone was fishing, we stopped to watch a fisherman pull his line up, this was the first thing I saw. The man pulled up a baby stingray, and his first comment was, "look out this is what killed Steve Irwin" I was amazaed at the fact that it was a stingray at this point in time, what are the chances. ( It proved that he had touched alot of people) I felt like Steve was talking to me. I walked the beach and all of nature was standing out more than I had ever seen before. There were dolphins unusually close to the beach doing somesaults and jumping out of the water, pelicans were souring everywhere. I new that it was like a celerbration for Steves lifes work, and I was celerbrating the life of a True Blue Ausssie. I went back to my hotel room, and being a musican I sat and played. I was strumming some chords reflecting on it all. Words and lyrics began to flow through my thoughts, and again it was like Steve saying, "Go for it Pauly" I want the family to know that, my intension for this song was from my heart, and not a money making scheme. And I have wanted to send this to the Irwin Family ever since I wrote the song, and the reason is because I wanted them all to feel comforted and to know that Steve Irwins Spirit is truely alive. To the Irwin Family I respect you and hope that I have not overstepped the mark through my music, I am a huge supporter of all you do, and if Im ever able to have the opportuniy to help through my music as a benifit I would love to. Please feel free to download the whole song, I want everyone to have a copy, its the only gift I can give to a man who was so great. Yours Truely Pauly Zarb


V1 A man on a mission To teach us how to love Our earth our nature and animals So maybe we can love again V2 A passion all of his own The strength and power of one A family man with a heart to share His loss was felt by all CH So good bye now, Ill seeyou around He may not be here but his spirit lives on For us to remember him Bridge Conservation is the key listen to the earth and the sea Fear not my friends as he would say We'll be back together someday CH So good bye now Ill see you around He may not be here but his spirit lives on For us to remember him For us to remember him For us to remember him