Pauly Zarb

2012 News.

Hi Everyone, great to see ya visiting my website. 2012 has been a year so far of ups and downs. But mostly ups, but thats life hey. I want to share a strory. I went riding  with my 5 year old daughter, she has not rode her bike since living in America 7 months ago. She has training wheels on. We rode together and she struggled the whole way, falling over, not wanting to do it, getting back on and purserviering  yet crying. I kept encouraging her telling her that shes doing well and that when she feels the bikes a bit unsteady keep pedalling. Well she struggled 3/4s of the way, but pushed through her fears, and at the final 1/4 of the way home, she got the hang of it and was riding smoothly. She could of gave up and stayed where she was at, sitting on the side of the road complaining. But she found the inner strength to get over the spead hump and move forward finding success in her own confindence and little life.   I was so proud of her and made her realise how great she did. What a great annalogy  for us all hey.  


I have just finished a 12 days cruise ship gig on the Color Line Fanatsy Cruise. I played everynight to a great audience made up of Norweigens, Sweedens, Germans, and Denmark. I had a great time with the crew of artists from Hungary, Bulgaria, England, and Sweeden. The boat went from Oslo Norway to Keil Germany, back and fourth, was a great time and I am welcomed back to play in August. My agent also wants to book me in Copenhagen also. I am still a regular act at the Walkabout in Reading every Friday night. 





Also, I am still working with Australian singer/songwritter, Claire Cooper, and the English version of The Australian Troubadour Show. We had our 1st concert at the Jagz club in Ascot and it was a huge success. Keep and eye out for the next one


I also wanted to keep saying thanks to my American friends and  Bardstown friends in Kentucky for taking care of me and my family for the last 9 years, I have had the most incredible experiences that will travel with me for ever more and the people who became not just friends but family will never be forgott. I look forward to sharing my lifes journey with yall.      


PAULY ZARB is originally from Australia. His home base was Bardstown, KY for the past 9 years where he was traveling the country performing his rootsy music, blended with pop, folk, rock. His music combines keyboards, drums, hi-hat, guitar, flute, pan pipes, tin whistles, accordion, harmonica, digerridoo ... often all in the same song.


Before leaving Kentucky in September 2011,  Pauly was awarded a proclomation from the Mayor Bill Sheckels and prior Mayor Dick Heaton at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, for his contributions towards Arts and Music in Bardstown K.Y since 2003 and his continuous work with the Bardstown Street concert 9 years straight, bringing 3000 people back downtown and drawing awareness natinonally and internationally. He was given the award after his performance at the Kentcuky Bourbon Festival of 2011  and that weekend was to be named the Pauly Zarb weekend in honour of his achievements.


He and his brother received the Best Folk Album award at the Queensland Sunny Music Awards in Australia 2001.


Pauly has been a member and part of the Antsy Mc Clain and the Trailer Park Troubadours for the past 7 years. Touring all over America.


He has opened shows for such legends as Willie Nelson, Little Feat, Delbert Mc Clinton,Tommy Emmanuel, Goose Creek Symphony, Sam Bush. He has a great energy about his music and is sure to get a crowds enthusiam going.